Prime Wealth Development offers 401k financing so business owners and commercial real estate investors can leverage their retirement accounts for working capital without added taxes, penalties, or debt. 401K financing from Prime Wealth Development can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as:

  • Commercial real estate transactions and projects
  • Capital to secure additional funding
  • Launching a start-up
  • Financing a franchise
  • Working capital
  • 401k Financing that Gives You More Control

    Self-directed IRA programs place limits on the types of assets and funding people can use their own money for, which causes many people to miss out on lucrative business and real estate opportunities. 401K financing from Prime Wealth Development puts control in your hands, so you can decide how and when your money is used.

    Other lenders do not offer 401k financing because our program is debt-free and does not fall within the narrow scope of traditional loans. Our unique program gives you the freedom to leverage your 401k for any revenue-generating investment, whether it is commercial real estate or a business venture.

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