Virtually all small businesses have the intention and the hope of growing into a much larger corporation which will provide them with financial stability, and perhaps even wealth for a number of years. A very important part of trying to achieve that business growth is the funding which is necessary to make it all happen. Here’s how you can secure growth capital so that you can realize your business dreams of expansion and greater success.


Typically, growth capital is acquired by borrowing money from either a traditional lender or from an alternative lender. In some cases, growth capital is provided by a term loan, and in other cases, a business line of credit can be used to carry out those steps necessary to achieving business growth. In the vast majority of situations, growth capital is secured through means which involve a long-term repayment, simply because it’s much easier to pay off a significant amount of money over a period of time. However, there are cases where a short-term business loan is made available to a company, and where it can be comfortably paid off by the borrower.

SBA Loans

SBA loans are very attractive to many companies because, with the backing of the federal government, it’s much easier to secure approval from a bank. While there’s definitely a significant amount of paperwork to go through on an SBA loan, once you’ve secured one, it can help you achieve your business objectives and can provide the funding necessary for real business growth.

Cash Advances

There are situations where business owners are able to convince friends and family members to provide them with the cash and finances which will secure the hoped-for business growth for a company. Any cash advances secured in this way will have to be paid back of course, but there may not be the same kind of strict terms applied which you would expect from a traditional lending institution.

Does your business require capital for business growth? 

In many cases, all that’s needed by a particular business in order to experience significant growth is to have the funding which can make it all happen. If your company falls into this category, contact us at Prime Wealth Development. We may be able to help with the financing your company needs to get to the next level and become more successful.