Getting a small business loan is often all that stands in the way of someone opening up a business and making their dreams come true. However, for many who are just getting started, it can be challenging to understand how and where to find funding. Fortunately, there are many funding options available that could work for your needs, as long as you qualify.

Funding a Small Business

Funding could be available through a variety of different sources. It might be available from banks or credit unions, or through private lenders, for example. However, the borrower needs to show that they are a good risk for the lender. The qualifications and eligibility for individual loans can vary based on the lender. You may need to have a specific credit score, for example, to qualify to borrow from certain lenders.

What Are Typical Requirements for a Small Business Loan?

Before you qualify for a small business loan, you may need to provide a business plan that explains the type of business you are starting, along with your long and short-term goals. The lender will also want to know how you plan to meet those goals. You should include financial statements – both personal and business. You will also need to include your personal and business credit history. If you have any partners in the business, they will need to provide their credit history, as well. Typically, you will need to include projected financial statements and cash flow projections for at least a year.

Always take the time to learn more about the lender and understand their full requirements.

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