With a little preventative maintenance and winterizing, your investment property will thrive through the winter. Here are our tips to help keep tenants happy and comfortable, while preserving your property value during the upcoming season:

  • Roof: Winter will place stress on your roof, with rain, snow, wind and more, so get a roof inspection and patch any suspicious areas. If you have been putting off a full roof replacement, this may be the year to do it. 
  • Rain gutters: Make sure gutters are still in place and clean, ready to provide proper drainage despite falling leaves.  
  • Heating system maintenance: Late spring or fall is the ideal time for annual furnace maintenance from your HVAC company. The system should be cleaned, lubricated, supplied with a new air filter, and tested to be ready for the cold weather to come. 
  • Chimney: The time of year for a cozy fireplace is coming soon, and your renters will want to enjoy this perk. Now is the time to call your local chimney sweep to clean it out, and have the chimney inspected so that it vents your fireplace properly. 
  • Windows/doors: Make sure doors and windows close tightly and weather-stripping is in place to minimize air leakage and maximize energy efficiency at your investment property. Check for signs of past weather damage to window frames and have any warped or rotted wood replaced.  
  • Landscaping: Make sure trees are in good shape, and not likely to get blown over onto your roof during winter storms. Also trim branches so that they don’t break off and cause property damage, or threaten the safety of your tenants or neighbors. 
  • Sump pump: Make sure your pump is working properly so that your basement is protected and stays dry all winter long.  

Remember, deferred maintenance can be costly, leading to dissatisfied tenants, and neglected, a lower-value property when it’s time to sell. If you need funds for investment property maintenance, upgrades or repairs, contact the experts at Prime Wealth Development today.