Business owners are always looking for ways to reduce expenses. Not because they’re cheap, but because every penny spent in business reduces the profits. Here are 10 ideas to minimize expenses.

  • Barter with other businesses. Trade services with other professionals instead of paying outright.
  • Look for ways to get a lower rate from vendors or even your landlord.
  • Buy in bulk. Don’t think you can use a huge order of toilet paper? Go in with another business and share the savings.
  • Sublet unused portions of your office. Share an office with another business that is similar to yours. Use a co-working space if you don’t have an office.
  • Go over your cash flow and expenses monthly to know where every dollar is being spent. If you can’t justify an expense, cut it.
  • Learn to value your time as much as money. If a project takes you 10 hours to perform and isn’t generating income, maybe it’s time to outsource that job to someone who is more efficient. You can focus on generating revenue while the task gets done.
  • Don’t pay for software unless necessary. Use open-source or cloud-based software to cut down your monthly expenses. You may need to hire someone to help you get started, but in the long run, it will save you money.
  • Turn off electricity. Unplug devices at night. Shut off the lights when they aren’t being used. Set the temperature a little higher or lower at night to reduce your utility bills.
  • Pay your taxes on time. Don’t mess up your taxes, because Uncle Sam will penalize you. Save money by making sure you’re managing your taxes correctly.
  • Generate organic marketing. Look for ways to get word of mouth advertising for your business. Ask customers for online reviews.

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