If you’re a first-time business traveler, use these tips to help you be more efficient in your business trip.

Watch How You Pack

Put your shoes on the bottom of your carry-on to keep them from wrinkling your shirts. Place shirts in dry cleaning bags to keep them clean and wrinkle-free. When you get to the hotel, hang up your shirts in the shower and let the steam iron them. Don’t pack non-essentials like your exercise gear. Your running shoes will stink up your clothes and chances are, you won’t have time nor inclination to run.

Use Your Laptop Bag to Pack Some Items

Pack toiletries in the laptop bag so they’re easy to find while you’re going through security. Utilize every bit of space in your bags. Carry your ID, passport and credit cards together with your phone, but make sure to have copies in the cloud. Don’t forget to print out (yes, a hard copy) of your itinerary and hotel reservations in case your phone’s battery dies.

Don’t Check Your Baggage

Travel light with a carry-on instead of checking your luggage. You won’t have to worry about lost luggage on your business trip, plus you will likely save money by not checking your bags.

Use Loyalty Programs

Sign up for rewards programs before you travel and make use of these points.

Pack Efficiently

Make sure to have an extra charger for your smartphone or a portable charger for when you can’t access a wall socket. Pack mints or gum in case you need fresh breath. It’s also a good idea to pack a protein bar in case you don’t have time to eat.

Use Your Downtime Wisely

Traveling for business can be tiring. You don’t know anyone, nor do you have the comforts of home. Use your downtime to check out the area. Enjoy a drink with someone in your network. Go to a local landmark. Don’t just play games on your phone.  

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