Construction businesses generally require expensive vehicles, machinery, and other equipment. One option is to lease the equipment. However, when you come to the end of the lease, you have to give back the equipment and have nothing to show for the considerable expenditure. With construction equipment financing, you’ll eventually own the equipment free and clear. Here are some details on how this method of funding works.

Basics of Construction Equipment Financing

The amount of money available to you for a construction equipment loan is predicated upon what type of equipment you need and whether you intend to purchase it used or new. The equipment itself serves as collateral for the loan, making it unnecessary for you to put up any more collateral. Interest rates are usually fixed so that your payments are the same each month.

Qualifying for a Loan

When you apply for construction equipment financing, you’ll need to submit documentation with your application. The information you will need to present includes your credit rating, business history, and details on the equipment you plan to purchase and its value.

Assessing the Costs

The interest in a construction equipment loan obviously raises the total price of the equipment. However, the advantage of this arrangement is that instead of paying the entire cost of the equipment you need upfront, which may jeopardize your company finances, you’ll have manageable fixed payments each month. Additionally, while you’re making payments, you can list the pieces of equipment you are purchasing as assets.

Benefits of Construction Equipment Financing

There are numerous advantages to equipment loans. The paperwork involved is minimal, and you quickly receive the cash to purchase what you need. You require no other collateral but the equipment you are buying. For this reason, you are able to get an equipment loan even if your credit is not strong. Under some circumstances, equipment loans make your company eligible for certain tax benefits.

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